We’re confident that the stairs and balustrades we build for you will look good for years to come.

That’s why we back them with a 15 year guarantee (longer than the industry norm). We guarantee them against squeaking too – so your stairs will be seen and not heard.

New Zealand Building Code Requirements

We ensure compliance with the New Zealand Building Code. There are several different classifications of stairs, each with their own configuration and dimensional requirements. The classifications and their definitions are listed below:


  • Main Private Stairway: A private stairway intended to provide access to and between frequently used spaces such as living areas, kitchens and garages, and includes all exterior private stairways.
  • Secondary Private Stairway: A private stairway other than a main or minor private stairway, intended to provide access to another floor containing only bedrooms, bathroom or similar accommodation.
  • Minor Private Stairway: A private stairway not on a a main thoroughfare, and intended to provide infrequent access to a single room which is not a living area or kitchen.


  • Accessible Stairway: A stairway having features for use by people with disabilities. Buildings required to be accessible shall have at least one accessible stairway leading off an accessible route whether or not a lift is provided.
  • Common Stairway: A stairway which is used, or intended to be used, by the public whether as of right or not, and is not a private stairway, service stairway or accessible stairway.
  • Service Stairway: A stairway that is used, or intended to be used, infrequently by service personnel to gain access to spaces for the purpose of maintenance and movement of goods.
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